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Delivery and Payments

Delivery Guaranteed

If you have any problems receiving your package, we will reship once at our expense.

Shipping Policy

Customers is responsible for providing the correct shipping address.

Customers is responsible for any international taxes or duties to be paid.

We will ship packages with low value so most countries don’t charge any import taxes.

Customers residing in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Azerbaijan are exempt from all taxes and duties.

We will ship packages with low value so most countries don’t charge any import taxes.

All shipments are shipped directly from Republic of China.

You will receive the tracking information via email.

It could take up to 5-10 days for the courier to update their website with tracking details for your shipment.

Total time to receive your order

Shipping Time: 15-20 business days.

Some items may have longer processing times depending on the volume of orders. cannot take responsibility for customs clearance delays or failed payment approval, though we will try to minimise any potential delays.

Payment methods

Debit and Credit card
With this payment method you will be asked to enter your credit card details after you finished your order. Afterward you will be forwarded to the 3D Secure security check. Maybe you don't need 3D Secure. After this identity verification you will automatically be returned to our shop. Your order will then be dispatched immediately. For your security, all personal information is encrypted using SSL technology.

How does the 3D Secure Security check work?

First Register for the 3D-Secure procedure inside your Online Banking account. To do this, you need to define a personal password and a security notice.
You make your online purchases as usual and enter your credit card information after the selection of the payment method.
After, you will be redirected to a page of your bank, where you will be asked to enter your personal password. In addition you will see your personal security notice.
The bank verifies the password, and releases the transaction.
In order to prevent misuse, further criteria regarding country of origin, country of delivery and address are checked, which can lead to rejection. Please understand that for security reasons the complete criteria cannot be communicated.

What payment methods do you accept?
We currently accept Bank Payment (You can pay on our website), Western Union.

How do I pay with Western Union?
Please follow the initial steps to make a payment via Western Union for your order.
1) Creat order and choose western union option on website.
2) We will write you mail about western union details, you can pay on the western union website too (, when you will send us (via support mail and whatsapp) the mtcn code (money transfer control number) we will accept your order.
3) You will get the confirmation mail about your orders and on your account you will see orders and values.
4) Pay online using your credit card or bank account (or pay in person at your local Western Union Kiosk).

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